Specific question on forgetting sajdah suhoo that can affect other prayers.
  • As- Salam alaikum Wa Rahmatullahu Barakatuhu,

    I hope all of you receive this in the best health possible.

    I know that if one misses Isha, they must make it up before they pray Fajr. What if one forgets whether or not he/she made a mistake in the Isha Qaza and prays the rest of the Qaza prayer and Fajr prayer? Can only the prayer that they believed they did made a mistake in be prayed again?

    Jazakhallah Khair.
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  • Walikum Salaam,

    Rulings Related to the `Isha Prayer’s Timings

    1. Entrance: `Isha prayer enters at the end of Maghrib, which is when the red twilight disappears from the horizon.
    2. Exit: `Isha prayer ends right before Fajr begins, which is when the first white light spreads across the horizon.
    3. Permissible: It is permissible to pray `Isha anytime between its entrance and exit.
    4. Confirmed Sunnah: It is the confirmed sunnah (sunnah mu`akkada) of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to pray `Isha in congregation, ideally in a masjid for men, and at home for women.
    5. Recommended: It is recommended (mustahabb) to pray `Isha close to its entrance time during the summer (when the days are long) and to delay it until a third of the night has passed during the winter (when nights are long).
    6. Disliked: It is slightly disliked (makruh) to pray after halfway through the night.

    You can only perform Qaza namaaz after the Zuhr, Maghrib and Isha prayers.

Assalam Alaykum

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