Prayer and Impurity
  • As-Salam-Alaykum

    What is one to do when they wake up for a prayer but realize there is najas (impurity) upon them, and cleaning it off would require more time than there is left for prayer?

    No over exaggeration on how long it takes to clean, but let's say someone wakes up for Fajr 15-20 minutes before it is over and realize there is najas on them. Of course they should strive to wake up earlier but in this circumstance, would they still receive the punishment if they tried to clean themselves (fully) and couldn't make the prayer?

    If one is not able to clean themselves at the prescribed prayer time, what should one do if they have to miss the prayer and pray later once they are clean?

    Missing prayer deliberately is a big sin. How can one seek forgiveness for this sin if ever they experience these type of scenarios?

    Jazakhallah Khayr
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  • Valid query and I'm also struggling to know about this.
  • Could you be more specific on which type of najasat?


Assalam Alaykum

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