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  • how is one supposed to pay expiation for the missed fasts? If its for long years like 15 or 17 then how to pat kaffara for that? Also pls explain if the person was not permitted to fast by parents will the parents be held responsible for this? and when the expiation is paid will the parents still be asked about it by Allah?
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  • Assalam Walikum Warmatullah Warbarkatu. Before I go on answering your question. Could you please tell me your age and why your parents did not permit you to fast?
  • Walaikum assalam brother! I am 30 now but I was not allowed until I was fact I did not listen anymore by then. my parents wanted me to focus on my studies and had best of intentions. They know better now Alhamdulillah but I want to clear it as soon as I can. I will be grateful if you can explain this. Its always on my mind and recently its all I can think of..
  • I am shocked by this. It is good that your parents care about you and your studies but they cannot stop you from fasting. Yes it is good that you stopped listening to them because if your parents tell you to do stuff that is against Shariah than you have the right to disobey them.

    The fasting becomes fardh when the child has reached puberty and the child should at least start fasting at the age of 10.

    Studies are important but Fasting place an higher importance. This life is very short and no one knows when death will come. Only Allah knows when we leave this world. Your studies, the money you earn, the house that you buy would not come in handy and will not come with you or benefit you in the hereafter. Your fast will benefit you in hereafter and all the goods you have performed. If you use your knowledge and the money you earn for good than they you will be rewarded.

    Not fasting because of studies this is not a valid reason. There a millions of people out there in the world who are fasting and going to work, studying and etc.

    I am a Shaykh myself and I am busy to throughout the day. Even though I am fasting, I give lectures at masjid, teach students on various subjects and help you people answer your questions. It is not easy to just give an answer or to give lectures. Before I give a lecture I prepare myself so I know what I am going to say. Even though I am a Shaykh that does not mean I stop studying. Learning never ends. I write books on various Islamic topics and read books that are written by others.

    That does not mean that I should stop fasting.

    Fasting should not interfere with your studying it should be a blessing. The month of Ramadan is the time to seek Allah's blessings, the doors of paradise are open the entire month, pray to Allah that he may help you with your studying. Remember this that duas are accepted in the month of Ramadan.

    Yes, I am afraid to say that your parents will be held accountable in the Day of Judgement. Encouraging others not to fast with no valid reason is a major sin and they could be punished. Also fasting with no valid reason is a major sin.

    Almighty Allah has promised great reward for those that fast, whilst severe punishment is in store for those who do not fast in the month of Ramadan.

    It is not easy to make up all the missed fasts about 15-17 years. This is not very easy but at the same time is not difficult. It is merely like fasting two Ramadans back to back. It is a sign of one's determination to repent and is expected to result in much spiritual benefit. It will also teach one of the gravity of disobeying Allah and will fuel one's resolve to obey and turn to Allah for the rest of one's life. Allah is very kind with us and does not ask us to do that which we cannot do and whatever He asks us to do is always in our best interest.

    All I can suggest that you repent sincerely to Allah for not fasting. I request that you ask your parents to repent to Allah sincerely and that what they have done is wrong. Also I ask you and your parents to forgive each other for Allah loves those who are forgiving. Seek forgiveness from Allah surely Allah loves those who seek forgiveness.

    I pray that your parents understand. I suggest you tell this problem to you local imam and ask him to talk with your parents based upon this issue for I cannot talk with them face to face.

    Also Ramadan has come to an end. Eid Mubarak !!

    You could also make a vow to Allah to fast the entire month of Ramadan next year.

    Inshallah everything will be fine.

    May Allah except your fasts and forgive you and your parents. May Allah give hidayah to your parents with the true understanding of Islam. Ameen.
  • If you anymore questions please do not hesitate on asking.
  • I believed I missed a point is that while fasting you can dedicate some time on doing ibadah in Ramadan and some time to studies. Pray your 5 time prayer. Spend at least 2 hours on studying. And then take some time of to read the Quran, Dhikr and etc. Then take an hour break like go outside for a walk. And then come back to your studies and then continue the routine. Praying your five times prayer could be your break time.

    This is just an advice on what you could do.
  • Assalamualaikum brother! Thank you for your effort in replying me. My parents do understand their mistake by the grace of Allah. but I want to pay the expiation for not fasting this long years..I have heard you have to clear off these. Will merely asking forgiveness do? or do I have to pay a certain some of money for each year? on the same note I would like to add i have been praying since I was 12 and hope to do so till I die by Allah 's will. Please explain if there s an amount of money I should be paying as well as seeking forgiveness for not fasting.
    I sincerely hope you and your family have a wonderful Eid and may Allah shower His blessings onto you all. Thank you again.
  • Walikum Salaam.

    I am happy that your parents finally realized there mistake.

    No you do not need to pay the expiatory. The correct view is that you do not have to make up the fasts if you repent, because in the case of every act of worship that is connected to a specific time, if a person deliberately delays it without an excuse, then Allah will not accept it from him.

    Based on that, there is no benefit in making it up. But to repent to Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, and do a lot of righteous deeds. And whoever repents, Allah will turn to him in mercy.

    Also you missed years and years of fast which is a big burden to carry and it is requested that you repent.

    I request that you and your parents repent to Allah sincerely.

    Before your parents repent they should ask your forgiveness for forcing you not too fast. And you should forgive them not because I said so but because you are forgiving. Forgive each other. For Allah loves those who are forgiving. And repent to Allah sincerely.

    Surrender yourself and repent to Allah. Cry in your duas. And make dua to Allah that you will fast the entire month of Ramadan next year and ask Allah to give you strength, to keep you healthy so you are able to fast the next Ramadan.

    Make sure recite Durood Ibrahim before and after the dua.

    Inshallah your dua will be accepted.

    I sincerely hope you and your family had a wonderful Eid.
    May Allah shower His blessings, forgiveness and mercy onto you all. Ameen

    If you anymore questions please do not hesitate on asking.

Assalam Alaykum

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