What job is permissible?
  • Is it permissible to work in a multinational (energy -oil and gas exploration) company taking into account how they are favouring or harming the environment, as many petroleum related products are part of the household such as computers, laptops etc.
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  • Walikum Salaam Waramatullah Warbarkatu. Well out of my knowlege it can be based on both arguments that it has favoured the society and also harmed society within various factors.

    It is in itself permitted if one's line of work is permissible. It would be praiseworthy to avoid work with a particular company or organization if they are engaged in reprehensible, harmful, or socially or economically unjust activities, to the extent of the harm.

    When one does for such a company, one must still at least hate their wrong activities in one's heart.

    And Allah alone gives success.

Assalam Alaykum

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