Praying Tahajjud Prayer
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    What is the correct way to pray the Tahajjud prayer and how many rakahs are involved? On the net i've found that 8 rakahs should be prayed alongside 3 rakahs of Witr prayer. On other sites i read that you can pray Tahajjud prayers in 2-4-6-8 rakahs. Is it ok to pray it 20-30min before Fajr's Azaan?

    I tend to pray my Witr prayer alongside Esha and i pray 1 rakah of it. Is it allowed to pray Witr through 1 rakah?

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  • Walikum Salaam Waramatullah Warbarkatu.

    The minimal night tahajjud prayer is 2 rakats. [Hindiyya, quoting Fath al-Qadir]

    Its optimal recommended amount is 8 rakats, because this was the general practice of the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him, his family, and companions). [Hindiyya, quoting Fath al-Qadir] meaning you will pray 2 rakats four time

    Tahajjud is a nafl prayer, you would make the intention that your going to pray tahajjud two rakat and your going to perform this prayer normally the way you would usually do in any two rakats of prayer.

    The time for performing tahajjud prayer ends when Isha time ends and Fajr time enters. Therefore, any voluntary prayers performed after Fajr time has entered does not count for tahajjud prayers.

    So yes you can pray tahajjud with the Isha prayer or after praying witr or 20-30 mins before fajr adhan.

    Witr prayer consists of 3 rakats so you must pray 3 rakats not one or two and if prayed one or two rakat then the prayer would be invalid. Yes the Witr prayer can be prayer with the Isha prayer.

    In Imam Fakhr al-Dïn al-Zayla`ï(Allah have mercy on him) wrote in his Tabyïn al-Haqà’iq Sharh Kanz al-Daqà’iq:

    “It is recommended to delay the witr prayer until the end of the night if one is sure of waking up, in order for it to be the last of his night prayers, because the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Make the witr prayer the last of your night prayers.” (Related by Bukhari, Muslim, & others). If one is not sure of waking up at night, one should perform the witr prayer before sleeping, because of the hadith narrated by Jabir (Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Whoever fears not waking up at the end of the night should pray witr before sleeping. And whoever is confident about waking up at the end of the night should pray witr then…” (Related by Muslim and others) [Tabyïn al-Haqà’iq, 1: 84]

    Sayyidi Ibn Abidin (Allah have mercy on him) said in his Radd al-Muhtar:

    “If one prayed witr before sleeping and then wakes up… it is not disliked to pray. Rather, it is recommended to pray. However, witr is not repeated.” [Radd al-Muhtar: 1: 369]

    Therefore, if one invariably gets up for tahajjud (the night vigil), then it is best to pray witr then. Otherwise, one should pray witr before sleeping, because it is a sin to delay a necessary prayer past its prescribed time.

    This is why Abu Hurayra relates, “My beloved one Prophet counseled me not to sleep except having prayed witr.”

  • Walikum Salaam Warmatullah Warbarkau. There is no prescribed surahs to recite for Salatul Tahajjud. You can recite any Surah from the Holy Quran for Salatul Tahajjud.

Assalam Alaykum

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